House information

air conditioning


There are 2 wifi systems to ensure continuous good speed internet access. There are signal boosting access points in most of the bedrooms and a large access point outside to entend from the house to the swimming pool and surrounding terraces.

The faster network is called BeachHouseFast and receives a signal directly transmitted from Corfu Town. The password is Yialiskari19.

The backup network is called BeachHouse from a traditional land line. The password is the same Yialiskari19.

If you are having problems with the wifi please contact Flory, the concierge.

Air conditioning

Please keep the doors and windows shut when using the air con. It’s less drying for you and better for the environment to use less air con. If you close the shutters or black out curtains during the day it will keep the bedrooms cooler for night so less air con will be required.

There are quick guide cards in each of the rooms.

Switch on the AC unit by pushing the red button on the top of the controller. You should see a snow flake icon on the controller indicating the cool air con is working. If there is no snowflake press the mode button until it appears. There is a slight delay until the unit kicks in.
Press the temperature arrow buttons to select the desired temperature. 22c or 23c is pretty comfortable.
Push the fan speed to adjust ferocity of the air con. Speed is shown by the bars on the controller and F1 to F5 on the air con unit. F1 or F2 is quiet for night.

The Light Off switch on the top right of the controller ensures there is no annoying light on during the night.

You can change the direction of the cool air flow by pressing the swing modes on the controller.

Please turn off air con when you go out. It cools the rooms quickly so doesn’t need to be on for hours.

As an alternative try closing the outside shutters and mosquito nets and leaving the doors open.


Oven and hob

Turn on the hob using the

Image result for power icon
icon on the hob on the left near the front (its a bit difficult to see).

Tap on the ring you want and pick the temperature. Some of the rings are expandable for larger pots tap on the ring and then the expandable ring icon.

The grill works only with the oven door closed.
To reset the timer click the clock icon on the front of the oven twice and use the arrow keys to reset.

The water dispensed from the fridge is chilled and twice filtered – once by the fridge itself and once by the osmosis filter fitted above the fridge which purifies the water.
The system is designed to create water of the same quality as bottled without the need to litter the planet with more plastic. There is a basket in the kitchen of reusable plastic bottles which are dishwasher safe which please use rather than buying plastic.

Corfu is trying to set up recycling and waste disposal and is stuggling to cope with the amounts in the summer. Anything we can do to reduce the amount of waste going for recycling or waste disposal helps Corfu and the planet.

Please put recyclable rubbish in the recycle bins outside the kitchen. There is also a compost bin for vegetable waste behind the kitchen.

Lighting Outside and swimming pool lights

The terrace, car parking and swimming pool lights are on timers/motion sensors and switch on and off automatically.

Lights for the tree outside the kitchen and the front door are switched from inside.

Other outside lights are solar powered and need not be switched off.

If you are having problems with any of the lights please contact Flory.