Boat Hire

Boats can be arranged in advance.  The closest boat hire businesses are at the White House in Kalami and Agni Boats in Agni Bay. Boats with engines larger than 30hp require the driver to have powerboat licence which can be obtained by doing a course in the UK or Corfu.


The White House Boats include different types of boats to suit your needs and budget. Boats below 30hp are available for anyone to hire as no licence is required.


They can also provide you a speed boat with a Skipper, so that you can enjoy North-East Corfu and see all the beauty of this part of the island without a care in the world, knowing that your boat is in the hands of an experienced professional who knows all the best spots in the area.

You can also visit Corfu town and enjoy a day trip to the capital city of the island. You can spend your day walking around Corfu Town, visiting the famous citadels, strolling through the Old Town and having fun in a city that offers an incredible array of museums, shops, bars and taverns.

For the adventurous ones, the Skipper can also take you to the south of Corfu for a day trip to the gorgeous islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos, with crystal clear waters and picturesque beaches- all places that can’t be reached without a professional controlling your boat.
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They have a large selection of boats for hire with varying engine sizes to suit your every need.